What If….

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can make that happen, you can make anything happen.”

– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Jesi has magical hands.  The minute she touches me, my body relaxes as though healing is happening.  Her gentle nature is soothing and nurturing and allows for complete trust.  I look forward to each session with Jesi and in all she brings to this world comes from a place of true passion for the greater good.  Thank you Jesi for being bold, brave and dedicated to creating more on the planet.


Michelle Lyall

I have been receiving regular bodywork from different types of massage therapists around the country for over 25 years. I was referred to Jessie through her instructor at the massage school where she trained many years ago.I am so grateful to have found her. She is a talented and gifted therapist. Jessie shows up with presence, gentle kindness and an open, caring heart. Her touch is intuitive, and depending upon what is required by the body in the moment, can be deep and strong, or gentle and flowing. Her ability to run energetic healing while massaging creates a deeper level of relaxation and a delicious expansiveness to her sessions. I love the way I feel after a massage from Jessie; relaxed, released, peaceful and open.
She is truly one of the great gems of Sarasota!

Beloved Heartsong
Director, LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing

Beloved Heartsong