Evolv Bars

The delicious dark chocolate crunch LifeBar is the first food product on the market specifically designed to support an efficient fat burning metabolism.




Evolv Blend is a proprietary blend of fermented vitamins, minerals, and immune supporting nutrients.

Fermented Vitamin/Mineral Complexes

The fermentation of friendly single-cell plants has been used for centuriesto preserve foods while enhancing their nutritional values.

Today, this ancient fermentation process is being used to transform vitamins and minerals into highly complex foods where nutrients are bound together into a food matrix containing lipids, proteins, beta glucans, and a wide variety of beneficial phytonutrients – fundamental building blocks for good nutrition.

Fermentation is the best new strategy for providing standardized and nutritionally effective levels of whole-food-sourced vitamins and minerals.

Immun is a proprietary Aloe-vera gel extract containing 5-15 times more of the bioavailable and immunomodulatory fractions of Acemannan than other aloe-vera extracts on the market.

Acemannans are the bioactive polysaccharides found in aloe vera gel that are responsible for its rich history as natures most health-promoting plant. Acemannans are polysaccharides comprised predominantly of the sugar mannose. Unlike other sugars in nature that are used by the body for energy production, Mannose is essential to every cell in the body for proper cell to cell communication including all functions of defense, repair, and regeneration.

The bioavailable fractions of Acemannan can be absorbed into the blood stream within minutes, providing mannose to our cells and organs. The immunomodulatory fractions help activate and modulate the activity of macrophages, the master regulating cells of our immune systems. Once the macrophages are activated, they can produce a variety of immune compounds needed to facilitate wound healing and the effective monitoring of viruses, infections, and disease processes.